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As catering continues to become a popular option for events such as weddings, corporate functions, family get-togethers and even graduation parties, catering companies are revolutionizing their services to meet the rapidly evolving needs of customers.

Food preparation and food service is constantly changing to meet the expectations of you and your guests. If you're craving for more personalized food selections, increased accountability of food service standards, and more creative choices, make sure your catering company incorporates these elements into their offerings.

Some of the upcoming trends you should expect in the catering industry include the following:

  • Increased accountability

More customers expect their catering company to be accountable to high standards of food safety and quality. They entrust the caterers to offer healthy food options that will not affect the health of the guests at the event.

Therefore, moving forward, you can expect more caterers to implement accountability standards by including more nutrient information in their selections and providing a more visible supply chain. This way, customers will be able to know where their food items are being sourced from and how they are being prepared.

Do not shy away from asking your catering company to provide you with more information about how they prepare their food.

  • Comfort foods

You're likely to see more caterers offering comfort foods that cater to emotions during specific times. For example, most people are currently emotionally invested in healthy food choices. They tend to select what they know is nutritious and healthy, while avoiding diving too deep into the unknown.

We are likely to see more caterers offering these comfort foods that lie within the zone of familiarity of customers and their guests during events. These products are more familiar among consumers and fit their current moods and emotions.

  • Adding texture

You're likely to see catering that involve more than just taste in the food. Companies are beginning to add color, texture and feel via natural ingredients. These include selections of pulp in fruits and vegetables, an extra spice in peppers, and carbonation from fermented foods.

You can expect to enjoy a more all-rounded eating experience at your events with food items that take on multiple taste dimensions.

  • Increased personalization options

Customers have always desired a hint of customization to their food items at catering events. You can therefore expect caterers to keep in mind the preferences of their guests by offering localized menu selections, homegrown spices, and unique/homely brands.

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