Serving Vegan Pizza: 3 Ways to Add Flavour

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If you operate a pizza restaurant, you may be considering how you can increase your appeal to customers. One way of doing this is by including vegan options on your menu. Australia has the third largest vegan market in the world. The reason for veganism increasing popularity is the mainly due to the fact that food manufacturers and restaurants have learnt that going vegan doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy exciting flavours. Below is a guide to the different ways you can add character to the vegan pizza's you serve in your restaurant.

Finely Chopped Herbs

While herbs are typically added as an afterthought to traditional pizzas, they should be a the forefront of your mind when you are preparing vegan pizza. However, it is essential that the herbs are finely chopped to release their flavour before they are added to a pizza. A mix of rosemary, thyme and oregano which create an authentic Italian taste. For a slightly sharper taste, you may wish to add basil. If the pizza is garlic heavy, parsley is the perfect herb to balance out the different notes.

Cashew Cheese

The primary problem with preparing pizza for vegans is the lack of cheese. It is possible for a pizza place to get by serving vegan pizzas which have a tomato base, by offering a cheese substitute can help to create an extra special vegan pizza experience. A vegan-friendly cheese substitute can be prepared by placing cashew nuts in a bowl of water. After a few hours, they will soften. You can then add lemon juice, herbs, yeast, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Blend these ingredients until they are well mixed. Place the blended mixture in a refrigerator overnight until it solidifies. This cashew cheese can then be added to pizza bases in the same way dairy cheese would be used.

Add Flavoured Oil

This is perhaps the fastest way to pack a vegan pizza with flavour. Before you place the pizza in the oven, drizzle flavoured oil over the ingredients and the base. Extra virgin olive oil has a subtle flavour which will work well with pizza which contains green leaves and olives. Garlic oil can really help to bring out the flavours of vegetables. If you are making a fiery pizza, once the pizza is cooked, you may wish to add a dash of chilli oil before serving it. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try these vegan ideas on your menu today!

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