Cake Designs You Could Consider For a Baby Shower

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A baby shower is a momentous occasion where friends and loved ones come together to celebrate the new life that is being anticipated. The point of these showers is to take gifts to the expectant mother that will benefit both her as well as the new baby that is due to arrive. Since these showers are typically held as parties, it is not uncommon to have streamers, balloons, colourful decorations and party favours at the venue. And what would a party be without a cake to top it off? Here are a few cake design ideas you could consider for a baby shower.

Baby gear

Since this party is held for the new baby that is coming, you can draw inspiration from a range of baby gear. You can have cake designs in the shape of a baby carriage, car seat, baby crib and so on. To make these types of cakes, you would need to create the sheet cakes in pans that have been specially designed for this. Decorating of these cakes should be done with intricate details for them to seem as realistic as possible. To maintain a gentle appearance on the cake, you could apply some pastel food colouring on the frosting or the icing on the cake.

Baby toys

One thing most people associate with children is toys. Thus, it should not come as a surprise that this is one of the most popular cake designs that people will draw inspiration from. If you would like something adorable and whimsical, you could opt to design the cake in the shape of a rattle or even a teddy bear. For a cake resembling rattles, you would have to form it with three sections. You would need two round pans as well as a regular rectangular pan. Decorate the cake with icing done with looping piping. For teddy bear cakes, you can purchase a teddy bear pan from your nearest store. You could then decorate the bear's facial features with candy for the eyes, the nose and the mouth.

Another popular baby toy you could draw inspiration from would be building blocks. With this idea, you could make the building blocks separately so as to serve them individually to the guests that will be in attendance.

If these cake designs may prove difficult to create at home, you could always commission them from a professional cake shop to make them as realistic as they could possibly be.

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